Artist: Aquila
Title: Say YEAH
Label/ Date: Starlight Publishing/ 2002


1. Say YEAH [3:09]
2. Cecelia [3:41]
3. Wide Open [3:47]
4. Forgive Me [3:43]
5. Young and Restless [3:01]
6. Nothings Impossible Now [4:08]
7. Everyday [3:43]
8. Sometimes [3:45]
9. I Share It With You [3:39]
10. The Kids Wanna Rock [2:53]
11. Busted [3:45]
12. I Run [3:34]
13. The End [3:27]
14. Where Is The Sun [4:29]

The Review:

The Dutch band Aquila was formed in 2000 after Singer/Songwriter/Producer Fred Hendrix's band Terra Nova broke up due to problems with their Dutch Record Company.

According to the promo sheet I received states that Terra Nova sold over 100,000 albums.

Aquila is a straight forward soft-rock band somewhat in the vein of Bon Jovi. Plus Fred's strong vocals are very similar to that of Scorpion's Klaus Meine at times.

They seem to be a decade or so behind in music stylings though but there's some infectious songs like the title track "Say Yeah!" as well as some heartfelt ballads like "Cecilia".

This really isn't the type of music I tend to listen to and maybe something for a progger's spouse/signicant other than complains about the "chaotic" nature of some prog music today.

Wonderfully written pop/rock and ballads are what you'll find here, nothing else.

~Ron for [August 15th, 2002]

Band Members:

Fred Hendrix - Lead Vocals, Guitar
Ron Hendrix - Organ, Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Eric Derix - Drums
Plus various musicians

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