Artist: Apsilene
Title: Apsilene
Produced by: Ian Smith
Label/ Date: Self release/ 2003

1. The Periselene Chart - Goldstemm settles - Let Slip [7.59]
2. Apsilene - Shudderfold Parts 1 and 2 [10.06]
3. Where is the Point of Freezing [5.04]
4. 1st Skin Graft issue - 2nd Skin Graft issue [6.50]
5. PIGGraft - Periselene - Fildstone awakes (and is jettisoned) -
Periselene returns - Widows Walk [14.40]
6. Inn Mist - Some. Grim. Ritual. - Are they even masks [6.30]
7. Bloodflare - Quarry Urchin - The Sea-Arch gained (by error) - Tell the KiteMan Thursday [11.33]

The Review:

"Is it possible in 1840 to get from Baker Street to the lost city of Atlantis via the soon to be built London Tube system? Goldstemm thinks so, and sets out to prove it." Taken from the website.

Ian Eccles-Smith, a classical composer who creates this magnificent instrumental conceptual piece rooted in progressive music. More a project than a group effort since it is solely Ian here on all of the instruments. Musically it is a combination of old and new ideas bordering on ambient styles Tangerine Dream and Porcupine Tree along with some classic arrangements of Yes.

A very relaxing musical adventure where with each listen, the listener hears new and amazing sounds. This is definitely one disc that needs more than a few spins to fully grasp all the nuances that Ian creates here. Highly recommended for the electronics and instrumental lovers!

~Ron for [May 20th, 2003]

Band Members:

Ian E. Smith - All instruments

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