Artist/ Band: Age Of Nemesis
Title: Psychogeist
Label: Magna Carta
Year of Release: 2005
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The Review:

It’s not often that we get a prog-metal band that’s not trying to emulate, say Dream Theater, Symphony X or Queensryche. Now comes a rather new band out of Hungary called Age of Nemesis. I read they released an album a few years back as Nemesis called Eden. Now in 2006, as Age of Nemesis, they released Psychogeist on Magna Carta Records. The band sites several major bands as influences on their sound. In fact I often hear a sound combination of Dream Theater, Deep Purple and Keith Emerson throughout the album. Just imagine the muscle of Dream Theater with vocal style of classic Deep Purple and keyboard playing often reminiscent of Keith Emerson. That’s just the beginning as the band goes beyond that description.

The album begins with a 6-part conceptual piece called “The Psychogeist Story”. The song that starts it off, “At Fate’s Door”, is by far my favorite of the album. So much so that I often hit the repeat button when the song is over. One of the things that makes Age of Nemesis more unique within the prog-metal genre is the combination of using the past with modern technology. Oh I should mention that you’d never realize that this is a band from Hungary with the perfectly executed English vocals. To me that’s a plus especially for a prog-metal band.

It seems that Magna Carta has got themselves a winner here with Psychogeist and what a way for them to begin 2006 than with a stunning “debut”. It’s worthy of any metal and prog-metal fans. So go to wherever you buy your music and get this album today. It’s a welcomed ion that will get years of listening pleasure, until their next release.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on February 28th, 2006


The Psychogeist Story:
1. Fate’s Door
2. Grey Room
3. Faceless Enemy
4. Mommy’s Crying
5. Psychogeist
6. Breaking Away

7. Goddess Nemesis
8. Eye Of The Snake
9. Karma
10. Abraxas
11. Awaking Minds

CD-ROM Video: Fate's Door

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