Artist/ Band: Andrea Plamondon
Title: I Still Remember (A Collection Of Songs From San Francisco's Underground 1989-2006)
Label: Self release
Year of Release: 2007
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The Review:

n 2007, Andrea Plamondon released a collection of songs spanning her career between 1989-2006, called “I Still Remember (A Collection Of Songs From San Francisco's Underground 1989-2006)”. The songs are from various bands that Andrea Plamondon has been involved during those years. .Andrea’s vocals are quite eclectic and remind me of three artists, Kate Bush, Toyah Wilcox and Siouxie Sioux. .Musically she stays in an artistic punk/gothic//new wave/(almost) progressive mode on all the songs.

The most eclectic sounding song of this collection is the 10+ minute track, “The Great Doubt”. It actually reminds me of early Syd Barrett-era Pink Floyd. Most songs range between just over a minute to 6 minutes. I noticed the shorter tunes have a more upbeat feel to them. The title track especially has quite a memorable sound long after it’s over.

While not traditionally progressive, Andrea Plamondon’s music (in my opinion) does have enough qualities of that genre to fit in. The tag used most in progressive rock circles, ‘your mileage will vary’ is prevalent here. You can hear some of her music on her MySpace or CDBaby page. I assure you, if you like the music of Kate, Toyah or Siouxie, you’ll add Andrea’s music to those names. Andrea is one of the underground’s best kept secrets (outside San Francisco). Shine some light on Andrea and check out her music ASAP.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on December 16th, 2008


1. I Still Remember (Joy Fin)
2. No More Silence (Joy Fin)
3. Hope Springs Eternal (Satyrica)
4. Five Year Old Sages (Satyrica)
5. Little Boy Lost (Pox Eclipse)
6. Invisible Animals (Lucid)
7. Desert March (Lucid)
8. Devil of Darkness (Joy Fin)
9. Gypsy Moon (Lucid)
10. Chosen Secrets (Joy Fin)
11. Sweet Song (Satyrica)
12. Chant Of The Flower (Lucid)
13. The Great Doubt (Satyrica)
14. Dream (Dreamstreammusic Inc.)

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