Artist: Anand

Title: Joy 4 Ever

Produced by: Anand & Marc Ter Braak

Label/ Date:


1. A Dirty Mind Is A.... [5:28]
2. Blind Date [5:50]
3. Intimate Dance [5;27]
4. Meet Mr. Long [4:57]
5. Get Laid [5;14]
6. Disillusioned [6:56]
7. Get Out [4:51]
8. Next [4:42]
9. Onatopp [4:29]
10. The One [4:31]
11. ............Joy 4 Ever [4:09]

The Review:

Norway’s Lion Music is famous for putting out endless amounts of metal whether it be vocal or instrumental, power or prog, melodic or death. One of their newest releases is Joy 4 Ever by Anand—guitarist Anand Mahangoe.Anand’s phrasing and soloing—which owe quite a bit to Joe Satriani but he tends to prefer melody over chops, which is a welcome sign.

Chock full of tastefully produced guitar based music, Anand also allows for the other instruments to shine as well, again a refreshing sign. I for one, do not typically listen to this sub genre, but Joy 4 Ever is one of the best things to come out of Lion Music and the metal world.

~Ron for [, 2003]

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Band Members:

Mike Terrana - Drums
Nick de Vos - Bass
Rob Fabusrich - Keyboards (except track 5)
Derek Sherinian - Keyboards (track 5)
Anand Malangoe - Guitars

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