Artist/ Band: Alkemy
Title: da 63 projekt
Label: Unicorn Records
Year of Release: 2004

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The Review:

This album is a fusion of rock, metal and progressive jazz with some blues thrown in to get a wider range of styles to work with. Alkemy is another great addition to the growing Unicorn Records roster. They combine the best elements of the bands on that label so far with some modern metal sounds. In some ways I hear them as the vocal version of Liquid Tension Experiment with a fusion edge. For the most part the music on this cd is complex with an improvisational quality that most bands of this genre donít explore often.

Also, for those that arenít into vocals in this style of music, I must say that they are very well done and donít take away from the instrumentation, Surprisingly for me, since Iím somewhat of a newbie in this genre, I think Alkemy and their debut should be talked about in bigger circles. This is another highly recommended release from Unicorn Records. Go now and buy this gem!

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on July 24th, 2004


1. Under water
2. Turtle soup
3. On the very day
4. Sick seekers
5. Leaving future (part 1)
6. Leaving Future (part 2)
7. Within my prism
8. First person dreamer
9. Different looks
10. Inner pulse
11. My eyes

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