Artist/ Band: Alex Skolnick trio
Title: Last Day In Paradise
Label: Magnitude
Year of Release: 2007
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The Review:

On the latest release from the Alex Skolnick Trio, Last Day in Paradise, they explore a brand of instrumental rock via a jazz trio format. According to Alexís website the band has reworked hard rock and metal classics in a jazz style. Now on this new one they do that plus create some original works. Joining guitarist Alex (Guitars, loop programming and vocals) are Nathan Peck (double bass and vocals) and Matt Zebroski (drums and vocals).

Out of the ten songs, there are three re-workings such as Rush's "Tom Sawyer", which is hardly recognizable. I canít say I like or dislike All I can say is itís quite original. Then they do Testamentís "Practice What You Preach", but with a Latin twist and calling the song "Practica Lo Que Practicas". The third is and last cover tune on the CD is Ozzy's "Revelation (Mother Earth)", which sees a more laid back approach to this classic song.

The rest of the album has various styles that blend very well. Nothing is out of place. The Alex Skolnick Trio is one of those few bands that likes to push the boundaries of instrumental jazz-rock, and Last Day in Paradise, is a solid testament to that! If youíre into instrumental music and enjoyed Alexís previous guitar work you might be compelled to pick this album up.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on July 10th, 2007


1. Mercury Retrograde
2. Last Day In Paradise
3. Tom Sawyer
4. Shades of Grey
5. Practica Lo Que Predicas (Practice What You Preach)
6. The Lizard
7. Channel 4
8. Revelation (Mother Earth)
9. Out There Somewhere
10. Western Sabbath Stomp

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