Artist: Alex Masi
Title: In The Name of Mozart
Produced by: Alex Masi
Label/ Date: Lion Music/ 2004
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The Review:

Alex Masiís latest release is an acoustic based classicla music delight. Lion Music shakes their tree again with this non neo classical release. Another welcome surprise and a treat to listen to. It brings back memories of my childhood visits to the Music Center in Los Angeles, where I listened to classical music. In The Name Of Mozart is the second release in his homage/tribute to the greats of the classical world. (The first was In the Name of Bach, which I have yet to hear so I canít comment. I read that heís planning on doing a third with selections from Beethoven.. Now that Iíd love to hear.

The album contains seven Mozart compositions on classical guitar which originally were piano based. Alex show off that being a great guitarist doesnít always have to be done in an electric format to be enjoyed. You really need this CD in your collection to enjoy with others than may not be into metal interpetations of the Malmsteens of the world.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on April 13th, 2004


1. Allegro from Eine Kleine Nachtmusik K. 525
2. Romanza from Eine Klien Nauchtmusik K.525
3. Alegro C maj K.545
4. Guitar (piano) Concerto #24 K.491
5. Rondo a la Turca A maj. K.331
6. Andante K.545
7. Thema with 12 Vartions D maj. K.284

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