Artist/ Band: Adrian Galysh
Title: King Friday
Label: Self release
Year of Release: 2002
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The Review:

My first exposure to Los Angeles guitarist Adrian Galysh was in when he opened for the 21st Century Schizoid Band (King Crimson alumnus) back in April 2004. I was pleasantly surprised back then but then again, he had to be good to open for the 21st Schizoid Band now didnít he. Since then Iíve been on Adrianís mailing list and received many notifications of his show. Unfortunately I wasnít able to attend due to personal reasons.

Fast forward a bit to 2005 when I joined a online site called I found many bands listed there including Adrian Galysh. I soon added him to my network of ďfriendsĒ. Soon afterwards, he submitted his King Friday cd. Now was my chance to hear studio versions of songs he performed that night back in April 2004.

First up this is a guitar album but one unlike any Iíve hear before. This album contains an artistic quality while having a ďsoulĒ to the music. Itís not one of those million mile a second shredfests and for that it makes it easier for me to listen to the music. On King Friday heís joined by Bassist Philip Bynoe and drummer Charlie Waymire. Guesting on keyboards on four tracks is another Los Angeles musician Mike Keneally. Also as a added treat, Adrian does his version of Sugar Loafís Green Eyed Lady with his leads subbing for the vocals. This in itself is a treat but heís joined by Sugar Loafís own Jerry Corbetta on organ to give a bridge to the original. Now how many times does that happen to an artist covering a song! This undoubtably is one of my favorite track of the album, it showcases Adrian's style in the rock format as well as the title track.

The rest of the album ranges from rock to jazz to blues and in some cases some classical style guitar playing. This is truly one of the better guitar based instrumental albums that Iíve ever heard. Well almost instrumental, because on Lady Alaine and the title track, features wordless vocals. Adrian covers all the bases which shows he has the ability to grow. Iíd have to give it a high recommendation for guitar fans of all genres.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on December 6th, 2005


1. Slight of Hand
2. Ventura Blvd.
3. Black Coffee
4. Green Eyed Lady
5. Lady Alaine
6. Glacier Lake Pt. 1
7. Just for Today
8. Of War
9. The Walls Inside
10. King Friday
11. Glacier Lake Pt. 2

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