Artist: Addison Project

Title: Mood Swings

Produced by: Richard Addison

Label/ Date: Unicorn Records/ 2003


1. Sleepwalking [6:10]
2. The Muffin [3:42]
3. Montee de Lait [4:28]
4. Mood Swings [6:16]
5. Le Grand-be (Wrath of Chateaubriand) [4:57]
6. Mceut [3:35]
7. After All (Demon's Dance) [4:31]
8. 10h10 [5:02]
9. Controlled Freedom [8:13]

The Review:

Unicorn Record put out yet another great fusion CD. Addison Project, lead by bassist Richard Addison, brings jazz-fusion into the modern age with some sampling and metallic guitars.

Mood Swings is the instrumental debut cd by Addison Project and is chockful of infectious bass grooves without becoming a vehicle for Richard to do a wankfest.

Some songs are gems especially the last track "Controlled Freedom" which sounds like it could be in the end credits for a film.

I have to be honest here. I generally don't listen to much fusion so I can't make proper comparisons but I can say there is some very well structured songs and interplay between the instrumentalists.

So in closing, I will recommend this to everyone that's into good instrumental based music.

~Ron for [August 17th, 2003]

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Band Members:

Richard Addison - All Basses
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