Artist/ Band: Abramis Brama
Title: Live!
Label: Transubstans
Year of Release: 2007
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The Review:

Wow seems like the Swedes are cornering the 70’s retro rock genre with hard rock, progressive rock and stoner rock. Speaking of stoner rock, the band form Stockholm, Sweden, called Abramis Brama’s latest release is a live album which is simply called “Live!“. All the songs are sung in Swedish, which may or may not be an important thing. Upon listening to this album, I personally found the music flows perfectly with the Swedish vocals. Their performance is very tight, and the song melodies are very catchy. Personally I don’t think the songs would have sound right if done in English vocals.

I read that Abramis Brama has been around for ten years with 6 studio albums under their belt and now with a live album to add to their catalog. I have no idea how the studio albums sound like but I would have to say if this live album is any indication of their potential, I’d say they’re have to be included along side The Flower Kings, Anglagard, Black Bonzo, Beardfish etc as Sweden’s best of the modern bands.

This album serves two purposes to me, a live document for both the fans and newbies alike. I’d say this is the perfect introduction to this band, even though I never heard the studio version. If you like retro 70’s music, get this “Live!” album A.S.A.P.!

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on August 3rd, 2007


1. Svart
2. Vad jag ser
3. Kejsarens nya kläder
3. Säljer din själ
4. Nålen
5. Kall som sten
6. Mjölk och honung
7. Bilder
8. Barkbrödslåten/Men mitt hjärta ska vara gjort av sten
9. Mamma talar
10. I evighetens nav

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