Artist: Cinema Show
Date of Show: April 12th, 2003
Location: Chiiler's Bar & Grill in Redondo Beach CA

The Review:

What an great day for some Genesis music on the beach, and for a good cause too! The good cause was a tribute to a fallen prog musician and according to anyoe that knew him,a all around nice guy, named Tom Shannon. I sadly never knew him on that level but I'm still sadden by the loss.

Tom took part as the bassist in the Genesis tribute band, Cinema Show, as well as Death & Taxe$.

At appoximately 3:30pm on a hazy Saturday April afternoon down by the sea, vocalist Shaun Guerin started off their amazing set. I've seen them play many times before and his vocals very in prime mode (in my opinion). To Genesis fans, his vocals are basically a cross between Peter Gabriel and Phil Collins. The best of both vocalists rolled up into one!

During the instrumental sections he joins the drummer for several duets that are reminiscent of the Collins/Thompson duets, which is very cool for those like myself that never seen Genesis live in any shape or form.

Shaun Guerin is currently working on his second solo CD for Clearlight Music. News of the actual release date can be found at the Shaun Guerin website.

The other bands that played that day were Numira, Bag Theory, Matt Brown, and Death & Taxes.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on April 22nd, 2003

Set List:
1) The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway
2) Fly on a Windshield
3) MEDLEY: In The Cage/ In That Quiet Earth/ Apocalypse in 9/8/ Afterglow/ Cinema Show
4) Los Endos

The Band:
Shaun Guerin - Lead vocals, drums
Scott Connor - Drums, vocals
Matt Brown - Keyboards, vocals
John Thomas - Guitar
Jeff Robertson - Bass

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